Dr. Whitney has been a practicioner of family chiropractic

care in Guelph since graduating from CMCC in Toronto in



She aquired a passion for the art, science and philosophy of

chiropractic care by watching and working closely with her  

father ; Dr. John Whitney, who was a prolific chiropractor in

Guelph for over 30 years.  


(learn more about Dr. J. Whitney's career below) 


She believes that the cornerstone of chiropractic care is the

understanding that the body has an innate, inborn intelligence

to heal itself.  When the "innate" is blocked by vertebral

subluxation, the intelligence is diminished. 


Chiropractic "adjustments" remove that interference so that

100% life expression is restored so that the body can once

again regain its restorative abilities.  


You don't need to be sick or in pain. You just need the desire to have your nervous system functioning to it's full potential.


Dr. Whitney has completed an advanced study in neurophysiology, neuroanatomy and procedures in advanced functional neurological testing. The application of advanced techniques and neurologically based rehabilitative procedures are aimed at the optimization of neurological health in pediatrics, athletes (concussion) and the aging brain. 


Dr. Whitney has had amazing results with the following conditions:

Headaches and migraines, neck pain and restriction, nerve pain with or without numbness and tingling in the arms or legs, sciatica, LBP, TMJ, carpel tunnel syndrome, rib subluxation, restless leg syndrome, myofascial pain, sinus problem, immune deficiencies, menstrual dysfunction and pain, joint problems in the shoulder, knee, ankle and feet, breach pregnancies, torticollis, infantile colic, ADD/ADHD and concussions.

Although this in an extensive list chiropractic is not limited to only these conditions. Dr. Whitney cares about your well-being. If you have any questions about chiropractic and how may enhance many facets of your life, please contact her for a consultation. 



Dr. John Whitney 1933-2013

In memory of my father

Guelph Chiropractor